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ENL 370 Women in Literature and Film

Professor Sheehan Summer 2021

Simplify Your Search Terms

  • Simply your search:
  • Strip away some of the extraneous terms provided by the MLA database.
  • This will increase results because the database does not have to match as many terms.

Limit the Search to Full-Text Articles Only

  • Click "Full text" in the left margin of the search screen:

Success: Improved Results with Significantly More Full Text Links

  • Notice: there are two icons for full text:
    • PDF or HTML 
    • The full text for these items reside in the MLA Bibliography Database.
  • Notice, though, that some  citations have an orange button telling you to "Find Full Text."
    • This means that you will link to the full text in one of the Library's large, full journal repositories such as JSTOR or Proquest Central.