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ENL 370 Women in Literature and Film

Professor Sheehan Summer 2021

Construct a Search Strategy

  • Ask yourself these essential questions:
    • Which film are you working with?
    • What is the genre of your film?
    • What do you want to say about your film?
  • What key words might you look for while searching for research sources?
  • Where will you go to look for research articles?


For example:

  • Title of your film
    • Just as it is - no synonyms
      • Example: "Jane Eyre" 
  • Genre:
    • terms provided by Professor Sheehan
      • Example: "Female Gothic"
      • Note: some databases will suggest additional terms!
  • Modifying concepts
    • Robert Stevenson 1943 film
    • females
    • feminism
    • women
    • Terms provided by databases
  • Term to distinguish the film from the novel, etc.
    • Film
      • Sometimes necessary in a database like MLA  that will have a lot of articles on the source material - books, etc.

Brainstorm to Get Ideas

  • Brainstorm search terms relating to ideas you have about your film"