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Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons

ENL 370 Women in Literature and Film

Professor Sheehan Summer 2021

Eight Steps to Google Scholar Nirvana

  • Step #1: Go to Google Scholar

  • Step #2: Enter your search terms:

  • Step #3: Look at search results. 
    • These are scholarly articles on your film.
  • Step 4: Adjust Google Scholar Settings to Link to Berry Library Holdings
    • Click on the horizontal lines on the Google Scholar page, and go to "Settings."
    • Find "Library Links."
    • Enter "Salem State University."
    • When it appears, select all of the options.
    • Now, when you search Google Scholar off campus, you will be able to link to articles that are in the library holdings
      • Of course, you will have to go through the proxy server and enter your user name and password to do so, but this is still a major convenience!

  • Step #5: Re-run the search with the Salem State Library links enabled.
    • My results show that several articles are held by Berry Library.
    • I click on one of the Salem State links to read one.




  • Step #6: Pass through the "Proxy Server"
    • After I click on the Salem State link for an article, I see this screen. It is the proxy server.
    • It verifies that I am allowed to use the databases.
      • I enter my Salem State username and password. - The same ones I use for email/canvas/navigator
  • Step #7: Select a database that contains the journal of the article I wish to read:
    • Often, a journal is held simultaneously in several databases.
    • JSTOR is always a reliable choice:
  • Step Eight: Read the article!