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ENL 370 Women in Literature and Film

Professor Sheehan Summer 2021

The Three-Step Google Search

  • Step #1: Enter your search terms.
    • Notice that Google, like the MLA International Bibliography, suggests ways to modify your search.
    • Search term tip:
      • Putting quotation marks " " around the title of your film will keep the title together as a phrase.
        • This is not that much of a concern with "Jane Eyre" but it could be if the terms in a film's title might be misconstrued:
          • For example:
            • Daughter of Shanghai
              • Without the quotation marks, Google might search for "daughter" or "Shanghai" separately
  • Step #2: Look at the search results.

  • Step #3: Revise the search
    • My initial results were too general.
      • I modified the search by adding "criticism" to my original terms.
      • The results were much improved!