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ENL 370 Women in Literature and Film

Professor Sheehan Summer 2021

Search Makeover: Increasing the Relevancy of Your Results

  • Why were my initial results too general?
    • Although I found articles about the 1943 film Jane Eyre in Google Scholar, I am not satisfied.
    • These results were very general.
    • Professor Sheehan wants us to find articles relating to women and the genre of our film.
      • I need to find material on:
        • Jane Eyre 
          • and 1943 film
            • and women or females (or the names of a particular character)
              • and Female Gothic
  • Strategy A:
    • Revise the search with these new key words"
      • "Jane Eyre" and film and women and "female gothic"
    • Be persistent in scrolling through new search results to find an article you like
    • Click on the subject headings in this article to link to similar articles
  • Strategy B:
    • Execute a "Field Search."
      • Change the drop-down menu to the right of the search terms to "Abstract." This will bring up articles with these terms in the abstract.
      • This increases the relevancy of your search.
  • Strategy C:
    • Go to the Library!
      • Run the search in the Library databases Modern Language Association Bibliography, Academic Search Premier.

Example: Search Makeover: "The Rocking Horse Winner"

  • Added additional search terms.
    • Notice that in Google Scholar, as in Google, we do not need to put the connecting term "AND" between key words.
    • Notice, too, the use of quotation marks " " to keep phrases "Jane Eyre" and "female gothic" intact.
    • Success: The results are more relevant!