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Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons

ENL 520 Seminar in Literature Fall 2021: Catharine Maria Sedgwick

Professor Damon-Bach

Search Strategy

  • Review the Reference Question:

    • "At one point Sedgwick refers to President Jackson's decision to "remove the deposits; they say it's the reason all the merchants are breaking.." (according to one of the characters).

    • Find coverage, from the time period of William Harvey, on the topic this character is referring to.

  • Clarify the Reference Need:

    • What is this character referring to?

      • What are key words you can use in trying to get a handle on the topic?

        • What does the question tell you?

        • Might a web search help you get a basic grasp on this topic? 

  • Set up your Search Strategy:

    • What are you looking for? Specifically:

      • What is the genre of material you will look for?

      • What is the time period?

      • What is the geographical area?

      • What is the subject involved?

      • Do you know the names of people involved in this topic?

  • Where will you look for this information?

    • What information source will cover the genre, time period, geographical area, and subject are you need to find?

      • Google?

      • Berry Library databases? 

        • Which one(s)?

      • Monographs on the topic?

        • Historical?

        • Current day?