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Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons

ENL 520 Seminar in Literature Fall 2021: Catharine Maria Sedgwick

Professor Damon-Bach

Search Strategy

  • Review the Reference Question:

    • Find some news articles that Catharine Sedgwick refers to in this endnote:

      • "The readers of the New York newspapers of the 1840s will perceive at once some resemblance in the character Ross to that of Robinson, the murderer of Mr. Suydam, and the similarity of some of the circumstances of the above story to apart of that real tragedy."

  • Set up your Search Strategy:

    • What are you looking for? Work with the research question to answer the following:

      • What is the genre of material you will look for?

      • What is the time period?

      • What is the geographical area?

      • What are names of key people? 

      • Is there any other pertinent information that is important?

  • Where will you look for this information?

    • What information source will cover the genre, time period, geographical area, and subject are you need to find?

      • The web?

      • Berry Library databases? 

        • Which one(s)?