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Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons

Professor Fyfe ENL 110 Fall 2021

Research Sources for the Rhetorical and Genre Analysis Final Project

Option One: Use "Discovery Search" to Find Scholarly Articles

  • Finding scholarly music articles with "Discovery Search" involves:
    • First, enter key words.
    • Next, limit results in the left margin by dates (if desired), peer reviewed, and academic journals
      • For example:

  • Finally, look at the search results and read ones of interest:

Option Two: Search for Scholarly Music Articles in Research Databases

  • Example #1: Searching Music Index for scholarly articles.
    • Enter key words.
    • Adjust limits in the left margin to select peer reviewed and academic journals.
    • Check "Linked Full Text" to ensure that articles are readily available in the Library's databases.
    • For example:

  • This is a screen shot of some results:
  • Example #2: Searching JSTOR for Scholarly Articles on Music Topics
    • Enter keywords.
    • JSTOR is comprised only of full text, scholarly journals.
      • Therefore, you do not need to make adjustments in search results.
      • You can, however, make adjustments for publication dates, book chapters or articles.
    • For example:
  • Example of search results:

Option Three: Browse Issues of Scholarly Music Journals

  • On the main Berry Library search page, click "Journal Title Search" and enter the title of the magazine you want to browse. Click Go:

  • This list shows all databases that have the Latin American Music Review.
  • Project MUSE has most recent issues and goes back to 2001.
  • So, I chose it. 

  • This is the journal. 
  • Browse by issue, or conduct a search across the entire journal contents