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Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons

Professor Fyfe ENL 110 Fall 2021

Research Sources for the Rhetorical and Genre Analysis Final Project

What is the Discovery Search Service?

  • "Discovery Search" is an EBSCO search module that enables you to search across most Berry Library databases at once. 
    • It is accessed by entering search terms in the first search box you see when you enter the Berry Library home page. 
    • Click here for more information and examples.
  • "Discovery Search" also links to popular and scholarly journal articles and books in the Library catalog.
  • Of particular note are the "Research Starters" encyclopedia articles.
  • Search Example: "acoustic jazz":

Searching "Discovery Search" for "Acoustic Jazz"

  • Key words were "acoustic jazz"
    • Please note: quotation marks " " were used to keep the two terms together as a phrase. 
    • This made the results more relevant.
    • This is a screen shot of the initial search results:
  • Now, it's your turn. 
  • Go to Berry Library Home Page and enter some key words about your topic in the Discovery Search box.
  • What did you find?

Result #1: "Research Starter" - A Salem Press Encyclopedia Article on Marsalis and Acoustic Jazz

  • Result #1: Article "Marsalis Revivies Acoustic Jazz" in the Salem Press Encyclopedia 2021:
    • Screenshot of the Citation of the Article:


  • Clicking on the "HTML" icon in the citation opened the article. This is the first page:
  • This is the bibliography at the end of the article:

Results #2 & #3: Gale Encyclopedia Articles on "Acoustic Jazz"

  • Clicking on this icon led to the following articles: