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Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons

Professor Fyfe ENL 110 Fall 2021

Research Sources for the Rhetorical and Genre Analysis Final Project


  • This guide demonstrates how to find research sources for the Final Project in ENL 110: "A Rhetorical and Genre Analysis of 6 Different Genres on the Same Subject in Popular Music."
  • Working with various music topics, it illustrates how to find:
    • album art
    • song lyrics
    • a popular music article
    • a scholarly music article
    • a music video
    • a music documentary
    • a podcast
    • a live concert
    • a musician's social media account
    • a Wikipedia music page
    • a chapter in a book or e-book
    • a music blog
    • a band website
  • Please help make this a great libguide by sharing places and strategies to look for music videos, podcasts, album covers, etc. 
    • Our libguide needs your expertise! 
    • Thanks so much!