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Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons

Berry Library English Collection Analysis


  • All of the titles on this libguide have been identified as possible candidates for weeding from the Library's collection.
    • The main criterion for inclusion was low circulation in the past 20 years.
  • The main purpose of this guide is to aid in making weeding decisions about these titles by providing supplemental qualitative information about each title:
    • Analysis of a title, where possible, in James Harner's Literary Research Guide, the preeminent guide to literature.
    • Links to reviews, as available.
    • Librarian's judgement of potential future uses of a work.
    • The physical condition of a book.
    • Input from English Department faculty
  • A secondary intent of this study is to learn about the nature and scope of Berry Library's English Department holdings:
    • How have holdings evolved?
    • What is the quality of books in the collection? 

Please contact Nancy Dennis, Library Liaison to the English Department, with comments, questions, and suggestions:

  • 978-587-1312 (text)


The Library of Congress Classification System

  • Subclass PS - American Literature

Library Liaison's Evolving Criteria for Retaining Items in Collection

  • Introduction
    • After examining close to 200 titles in American Literature, I have developed a few criteria that guide my decision to recommend the retention or de-accessioning of a book from the collection.
      • These criteria are entirely my own.
        • They were developed with the intention to not only retain quality books in the English collection, but to build a collection of the best high quality books we can provide.
    • ​​​​​​​I welcome your comments and suggestions! 
  • Criteria
    • Were there favorable reviews of this book?
      • Were there unfavorable reviews?
      • Is this book listed in James Harner's Literary Research Guide or another reputable reference source?
    • Is the book's content useful and relevant for today's English students and faculty?
      • If a book is dated, can we justify retaining it in the collection?
        • Does the Library own an alternative source for this material?
      • Are there newer and/or more appropriate titles for the Library to provide for our patrons?
    • Might this book assist in reference work, such as identifying authors, creating a bibliography, etc.?


Nancy Dennis, Berry Library Liaison for English

June 10, 2021

The English Department Library Liaison

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Nancy Dennis
Working remotely from home.
Work phone: 978-542-6218; Cell: 978-587-1312