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Open Educational Resources: OER by Discipline

A guide for faculty to assist with finding and adopting quality Open Educational Resources that help reduce the cost of course materials for students

OER by Discipline

Use the drop-down menu in the tab above or the list below to navigate to your specific subject area or academic department. If your subject area is not listed, please contact your subject librarian for more information. 

General Open Education Resources Repositories

OER Commons: OER Commons was developed to serve educators in discovering, creating, and collaborating around the use, evaluation, and improvement of open educational resources.  Not only can OER Commons help during the hunt for OERs, but it can also serve as a place to create resources.  The OER Commons open author tool allows users to combine text, images, audio, and video files into their own customized resource as well as create brand new resources from scratch. 

OpenStax CNX (formerly Connexions): Connexions is an educational content repository and a content management system that can be used to search for and remix learning modules. The modular nature of Connexions makes remixing or downloading specific pieces of content a seamless task.  Because content can be submitted by anyone, Connexions features what it calls lenses which provide a mechanism for viewing vetted and endorsed contents. Lenses act as a preliminary quality control measure.

Merlot: Merlot is a web-based repository of educational material that is free, open, and peer reviewed.  Merlot makes searching for resources easy, as it provides a link to the original content, a description of it, and all associated information such as its intended audience as well as its usage permissions. Merlot also features tools for combining content found within its repository. 

Saylor: Saylor is a modular repository of open educational resources.  Faculty at Saylor compile open educational material from across the web into courses that are modeled after those taught in universities. Saylor's search feature is a quick way to highlight resources that contain a specific topic.  


For questions or help with finding OER, please contact one of the co-directors of the Viking OER & Textbook Affordability Initiative:

Elizabeth McKeigue, Dean of the Library:

Gail Rankin, Director of Academic and Educational Technologies:

Roopika Risam Associate Professor of Education and Faculty Fellow for Digital Library Initiatives:

For help and advice for finding resources in your specific discipline, go to the Contact a Librarian page to find the subject librarian for your discipline.