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Social Work: Citation Help

A guide to Social Work resources and library research.

Citation Help & Tools

APA 6th Edition HELP:

Purdue University OWL's APA Formatting and Style Guide 

  • The links listed down the left sidebar of this page can direct you to the help you need. 
  • You can find help with in-text citations and your bibliography. 
  • The page References: Electronic Sources will be especially useful for citing "Articles from a Database" in your bibliography.




  • A citation management tool available to SSU community members, it can be used with Write N Cite. 
  • Manage your source citation info and create a bibliography with the click of a button.  
  • Contact the Information Desk's reference e-mail using your valid SSU e-mail address to request our Group Code
  • RefWorks Tutorials can be found here

Zotero  A free Firefox extention to help you collect, manage and cite your sources.

Mendeley  A free research management tool for desktop and the web.


For more in-depth help you can contact the SSU Mary G. Walsh Writing Center

Print Resources

Citation help available in the Reference collection:



·         If you do not cite properly, you are claiming someone else’s work as your own.  Whether intentional or not, this is plagiarism.  By citing someone’s work you acknowledge and respect their intellectual property rights.

·         Your list of works cited helps someone reading your paper learn more about your topic by seeing the original sources you used for your research.

·         How scholarly your paper is and how knowledgeable you are on your topic is shown in the citations you include in your writing.  Citations can reflect support for a point you are trying to make, therefore adding credibility to your arguments.  They make your writing more persuasive.

·         Citations, as long as they are relevant, reflect how deeply you have researched your topic.  They are an indicator of your effort.


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