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Social Work

A guide to Social Work resources and library research.

Tests/Measures Introduction


Tests and measuring instruments are an important part of research and practice in the social and behavioral sciences.  These psychological and educational tests and measuring instruments are:

(1) either commercially produced and must be purchased through a publisher (often very expensive, sometimes requiring training/certification in administering it at a cost)

(2) or they are published in journal literature but are considered "unpublished" in the sense that you don't have to go through a publisher to get them.

Your BEST BETS listed on this page for full text of tests/measures are: PsycTESTS database, the book Measures for Clinical Practice & Research,  Googling or searching databases relevant to your subject areas for full text of tests/measures, or sometimes even writing the test creator asking permission to use their work for your undergraduate or graduate research.


Searching Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Education, and other databases for journal articles containing tests/measures is also recommended.

Print Resources