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Social Work: Tests/Measures

A guide to Social Work resources and library research.

Tests/Measures an Introduction

Tests and measuring instruments are an important part of research and practice in the social sciences.  These psychological and educational tests and measuring instruments are:

(1) either commercially produced and must be purchased through a publisher (often very expensive)

(2) or they are published in journal literature but are considered "unpublished" in the sense that you don't have to go through a publisher to get them.

The library holds a small number of testing and measuring instruments produced by commercial publishers. Some are available for in-library-use without special permissions and the remainder tend to be dated and can only be examined for research purposes with written permission from a faculty member.  Contact a librarian for further info. 

Additional Tools

SDSU Test Finder for Journal Articles  Developed by Mark Stover at San Diego State University Library.  Indexes tests and measurements found in journal literature from psychology, nursing, social work, education, and more. 

Find an article with the Test Finder then look to see if SSU Library has it by checking our Periodicals/E-books Directory.  Get full text from a database or through Inter-Library Loan.


Searching Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Education, and other databases for journal articles containing tests/measures is also recommended.

Print Resources