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Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons


A guide to library resources and services for SSU faculty.

Find free ebook resources

Access library resources off campus

The above image shows what you should encounter after you click on a library database or other electronic resource from off-campus.

This logs you into our proxy server and authenticates that you are a part of the SSU community and therefore have access to these resources. 

For instructions how to log-in, please click on link below. 

Post a journal, magazine or newspaper article in Canvas

To post a permalink to an article in Canvas:

Once you have done a search look for permalinks or persistent links or permanent links (different databases may use different terms) to post on Canvas – this gives the library stats on database usage every time an individual student clicks (this helps us when assessing what resources are kept or cut). 

These links will be labeled as such when you are viewing the article in the database or these links may be acquired when you email yourself the article (depends on the database). 

If no permalink is available, downloading the PDF and then posting it to Canvas is an alternative that works.

Embed streaming videos from the library's collections in Canvas

Films on Demand content logos   Kanopy logo

* Note:   Kanopy film licenses cost a minimum of $122 per film for a year of access ($315 for 3 years).  This cost comes out of your departmental library book budget.  If you want access to a video for a graded assignment you can make a request via the Kanopy site or by contacting your librarian with cc'd to see if any additional funds can be made available from department collections budgets.  

SSU Library Videos

Film reel box with title Tutorials

Improve Basic Search Results

Use EndNote Basic


The following video tutorial gives steps for how to use EndNote Basic for citation management.  It is from our EndNote guide.