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ENG 110 Foundations of Writing

Analyze Your Research Need

  • What do you know from your assignment?
    • What do you have to find?
    • What do you have to do with the information?
    • What are key words that describe your topic?
      • Name any synonyms for these key words
      • Name any proper nouns (organizations, etc.) associated with these key words

Work with Your Topic: 


    Understanding your assignment

    Is it an essay? 

    What is the task of your assignment (define, describe, explain, research, relate, compare, analyze, prove, etc.)?  Who is your audience? What kind of writing style is required?

    What kind of evidence do you need to support your ideas?  Identify your information need and acceptable source types


    Developing a topic

    Find a topic

    Gather background info

    Narrow and refine (sometimes broaden)

    Concept mapping

Downloadable Search Strategy PDF Worksheet for Students

William Morris Concept Map