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ENL110 Pilaud

Finding and Requesting Books Locally and Beyond

Some Subject Headings to Search in the Catalog

The default search option in the catalog is to use keywords but all results may not be relevant.  To focus a search more look at the Subjects listed at the bottom of a catalog record and click on it.  The resulting search will yield books that are primarily about that specific subject.  Here are some subject headings related to climate change.  

Climatic Changes (add a subcategory if you wish such as a geographical place, economic aspects, government policy, social aspects, etc.)

Global Temperature Changes                                    Renewable Energy Sources                               Electric Vehicles

Global Warming                                                         Biomass Energy                                                  Green New Deal

Global Environmental Change                                   Ocean Energy Sources                                      Deforestation

Greenhouse Gas                                                        Tidal Power                                                        Environmental Refugees

Vegetation and Climate                                             Wind Power Plant

Plants, Effects of Global Warming on                        Solar Energy

Biodiversity - Climatic Factors                                    Sea Level

Climate Change Mitigation                                         Fossil Fuels