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Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons

Professor McCarthy ENL 110: Happiness

Spring 2021

Step One: Set Up An EndNote Account

Go to the EndNote web site:


Register and Log in:

Step Two: Create a Group to Organize Your Citations

This step assumes you have already found and exported citations into EndNote Basic. 

See the page "Getting Citations into EndNote" if you have not done this. 

  • Once you log in to EndNote Basic, you will see your "References":


Let's put these references in a new group "COVID."

Click the tab "Organize" and select "Manage My Groups" in the drop down:

Click "Create New Group":

EndNote Confirms Your New Group:

Step Three: Move Your Citations to a Group


Select the citations you want to move to a group.

  • In this example, we will move our citations to the "COVID" group.
  • Click the "COVID" group name and click "GO."

Step Four: View Your New Group

Step Five: Make a Bibliography in MLA Format

Go to "Format" in the ribbon above your references.

  • Click "Bibliography."

Enter data in the drop down boxes that open.

  • Select the references you would like included in the bibliography. In our example, we are working with the entire "COVID" file.
  • Select "MLA" format.
  • Select either "text" or "rich text format" for the bibliography output. Both of these will open in Word or other document processing programs.
  • When you are done, click "Save," "Email," or "Preview."

This is what "Save" provides: