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Cambrian Explosion and Arthropods

Maile Black ENL 110 Spring 2023

Limiting Initial Results

  • Initial search results are usually huge sets.
  • Make the results more relevant by placing these 3 limits:
    • Full text 
      • tells the system to only bring up citations with the whole articles
    • Date range
      • perhaps the last 10 years? 
        • maybe more recent depending on the topic
        • Scholarly articles for this topic began in 2006. 
        • We'll take that date. No need to adjust.
    • Scholarly articles
      • The assignment asks you to find scholarly articles
        • These might be called "Academic Journals," "Peer-Reviewed Journals"
        • Unfortunately, there are very few, if any scholarly articles about Bad Bunny.
        • You could use popular magazine articles about the group and then search for related, but more general articles in scholarly journals.