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Science of Ghosts

Professor Minett, ENL109, Fall 2022

Step One: Enter search words: the science of ghosts

  • Enter your keywords: the science of ghosts.
    • You might try the science of the supernatural, too.


Step Two: Limit results by full text and date

  • Once search results appear, use "limits" in the left side of the page to make adjustments for:
    • full-text articles
    • articles published within the past 20 years 
  • The search will update itself.
  • Click "Search" to proceed.

Step Three: Browse Article Citations, Open PDFs of Interesting Ones

  • Browse the list of article citations. 
  • Select ones of interest.
  • If there is an abstract, scan it to see if you want to read the entire article.
    • If you do, click the PDF icon or "Find Full Text" box to read the article.


Step Four: Read the article

  • Read the article, following Professor Minett's suggestions for writing summaries and responses. 


Step Five: Print, email, or download articles you want to keep

  • Using the selections in the Tool Bar on the right side of the page, print, email, or save (download) your article of interest: