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Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons

Horowitz ENL110

Co-authored by: Librarians Nancy Dennis and Carol Zoppel

Rodrique et al., Navigating the Soundscape, Composing with Audio

Key Sections:

  • Audio Projects
    • "This section contains nine sonic compositions by our student–composers that fall into seven different genres: audio drama (fiction), audio drama (non-fiction), oral history, poetry and prose, audio journal, audio memoir, and audio essay. The projects may be browsed by author name, project title, or genre."
  • Sonic Strategies
    • "The pages in this section seek to contribute to this scholarship by: (1) offering an in-depth exploration of common sonic strategies and their use from a rhetorical and semiotic perspective; and (2) describing cognitive and technical processes for composing with audio, focusing on three major areas—play, flexibility, and reflection, thus highlighting the value of such skills in audio composing processes. Our ultimate goal is to help audio composers gain a strong understanding of an approach to sonic composition that is specific to sound but broadly rhetorical."
  • References
    • Though some of the links are obsolete, this list provides fascinating insights into various aspects of writing for media. 
    • If you have difficulty finding a source listed, please contact Nancy Dennis ( for assistance.
    • This is a PDF of the reference list. PC Users: Right click to download. Mac Users, CTRL Click.


Sample Issues: