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Salem State University: Faculty Publications 2019

Dia Chatterjee

Chatterjee, D. (2019). Bean counting ignores structural inequalities. Nature human behaviour, 3(10), 1003-1004.


Chatterjee, D., Ford, J. K., Rojewski, J., & Watts, S. W. (2019). Exploring the impact of formal internships on biomedical graduate and postgraduate careers: An interview study. CBE—Life Sciences Education18(2), ar20.

Watts, S. W., Chatterjee, D., Rojewski, J. W., Reiss, C. S., Baas, T., Gould, K. L., ... & Hyman, L. (2019). Faculty perceptions and knowledge of career development of trainees in biomedical science: What do we (think we) know?. PloS one14(1).

Clair, R. L. S., Melkers, J., Rojewski, J., Ford, K., Dahl, T. E., McCarty, N. A., ... & Chatterjee, D. (2019). Doctoral Trainee Preferences for Career Development Resources: The Influence of Peer and Other Supportive Social Capital. International Journal of Doctoral Studies14, 675-702.

Judith Josephs

Josephs, J.E. (2019). School Counselors: A Story Within Many Stories. MASCA Counselor's Notebook 56(3), 6.