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Library Makerspace: Usage Guidelines

Library Makerspace Usage Guidelines

Library Makerspace Usage Guidelines

Berry Library, Makerspace is an inclusive environment that welcomes everyone in Salem State University community to build, make, and grow their ideas. The key to Makerspace cabinets can be checked out with a SSU Clippercard at the Library Help Desk. This is a wonderful place to collaborate with others, share ideas, help each other out, and to grow your creativity skills.

We request all users to review and follow the guidelines below for safety, respect, responsibility, creativity, and collaboration. 

  • Reservations for classes in Makerspace should be made 2 weeks in advance and depend on availability. Faculty, please contact your Subject Specialist Research and Instruction librarian for Makerspace bookings.
  • Follow the noise guidelines for the second floor.
  • All equipment, tools, and materials in Makerspace are the property of Makerspace and should be used appropriately for classroom or project use.
  • Tools, and/or equipment cannot leave the Makerspace without the permission of library staff. Completed projects can be taken by the owners of the projects.
  • Whether users are in a class, working on a project, or meeting with peers, everyone in Makerspace must clean up after themselves. This includes returning all Makerspace materials to their rightful spot, recycling,  or throwing away non-reusable materials, cleaning, and wiping tables when projects are completed by the users, pushing in chairs, cleaning any spills, etc.
  • Please only use the materials needed to complete your project.
  • Hate speech, harassment, and discriminatory language are not permitted.
  • All projects created within Makerspace must respect the intellectual property of others and follow all copyright laws.

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