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Citation Managers: Mendeley

What is Mendeley?

‚ÄčMendeley is a company based in London, UK, which provides products and services for academic researchers. It is most known for its reference manager which is used to manage and share research papers and generate bibliographies for scholarly articles.

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The Basics

You can install Mendeley using any of the following methods. We suggest using an email address that is not your SSU address. 

  • Mendeley desktop application - The free account gives you 2 GB of cloud storage. Once you have your account set up, you will be prompted to download the desktop application.
  • Chrome browser extension - This extension installs in your Chrome browser and has almost the same functionality as the desktop software.
  • Web importer - For Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari browsers.
  • Mendeley Mobile App - It is a free companion app to the desktop software for your iOS or Android devices. You can read, tag, and add notes to your articles from the app.
  • Word processor plugin, which can be installed through the Mendeley desktop application. Go to Tools and select “Install MS Word Plugin.” 

  • Mendeley Desktop Application - Add PDFs and citations to Mendeley by dropping PDFs into the desktop application. It will then try to create the citation from the PDF itself. You can also set up watched folders where Mendeley will automatically add all PDFs that appear in that folder.
  • Chrome Extension - Save citations to Mendeley using the Web extension whenever you are viewing an article (including PDF files) or a list of references in the browser. The Chrome extension most of the features of the desktop application of Mendeley, and is a great substitute if you cannot use the desktop application.
  • Web Importer - This simple tool can save citations to Mendeley (it has no other features). It can be used in any browser, not just Chrome. 
  • Mobile App - Access your Mendeley library and read, annotate or highlight your citations on the go.

It does not matter what database you are on, adding items to Mendeley is easy! Once you find an article you like, simply click the Mendeley bookmarklet in Chrome.

Here is what your screen will look like when you click the above Mendeley bookmarklet:


Using the Mendeley plug-in for Word, you can easily create in-text citations and bibliographies. From the Word Menu, select References. You should see Open Mendeley. Click this.


You will need to select your citation style. If you don't see your style listed (by default Mendeley only lists the most popular citation styles), select More Styles and search for the citation style you need and select it.


To insert an in-text citation, click on Insert Citation. A searchable pop-up box will appear. You can search your Mendeley library by author, title, or keyword. Once you find the resource you need to cite, select it. Mendeley will then automatically create an in-text citation into your document.


To create a bibliography, click Insert Bibliography. You will see your bibliography automatically appear in front of you!

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