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Salem State University: Faculty Publications 2020

Peter Smolianov

Smolianov, P., Morrissette, J. N., Ridpath, B. D., Boucher, C., Dion, S., Schoen, C., O’Connor, C., Stone, N., & Miles, K. B. (2020). Comparing practices of US golf against  a global model for integrated development of mass and high performance sportInternational Journal of Golf Science


This study examines the state of golf in the USA against an ideal-type model for developing high performance sport integrated with mass participation. A questionnaire was developed for the following models’ elements: talent development; advanced athlete support; training centers; competitions; intellectual services; partnerships with supporting agencies; and, balanced and integrated funding and structures of mass and elite sport. Twelve international experts including executives from sport governing bodies, golf coaches, academicians, and administrators validated survey questions. To determine the areas for improvement, 102 coaches completed the questionnaire. Possible advancements were further identified through semi-structured discussions with 15 golf administrators. The study identified exemplary practices, which can be utilized across the country, to provide more affordable facilities and coaching for all, and help reverse negative 30-year trends in performances of US golfers as well as mass golf participation.


Smolianov, P., Dolmatova, T., Norberg Morrissette, J., Schoen, C., Dion, S. (2020). Elite sport methods for public health: the analysis of world practices. The Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 20 (4), 1847-1854.


While increasing the level of physical activity and mass sport participation is one of the governmental priorities for many countries around the world, a current trend of strengthening the relations between high performance sports and mass sport participation appears to be relevant and important. This paper reveals the main trends in world practices of using elite sport methods for public health. These trends of physical activity and mass sport participation development appear to be common for the majority of the leading sporting world powers. In the course of the work, the following research methods were used: comparative analysis, generalization, and method of expert evaluation. The results show that mass participation contributes to the talent pathway and elite sport development, while elite sport methods of training could be used for improving public health, particularly when integrated into school physical education using key aspects of athlete development, including: physical training for general fitness and performance in specific sports, psychological training for mental strength and efficient rest, medical services for illness prevention and quicker recovery, diet for better performance, and health. Physical and health education supported by sport activities at schools are effective in introducing the sport practices of healthy training, restoration and diet, and also making these practices lifelong habits with specialized sport schools growing across the world and leading in these best practices. Following specialized sport schools, the physical, health and sport activities, including food preparation based on medical scientists’ recommendations, could be provided to all students every school day, just as these activities should be part of every day for all citizens


Dolmatova, T., Smolianov, P., Smith, J. (2020). High performance sport methods contributing to public health improvement on the example of the United States and Canada. Sports Science Bulletin, 5, 80-85.