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ACC 800: Accounting Analysis for Decision Making

Industry Research Web Resources

Think broadly and creatively about where your company fits. Some industries are too new or too odd to fit into an established category, you may need to look at multiple industries.

Industry reports provide general information about the companies that sell the same product or service. Reports generally include information on the largest companies, suppliers, emerging trends, regulatory changes, performance benchmarks, and key business issues.


Industry Codes

An industry classification code can ensure relevant results since many databases allow you to use this code to search the contents. Two codes that are assigned to all US businesses are NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) and its precursor SIC (Standard Industrial Classification).

SIC and NAICS codes can be useful tools when doing research on an industry or looking into a company's competitors.They are American standard codes and they essentially classify the industry areas in which companies operate.

NAICS Example:

44 - Retail

448 - Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores

4481 - Clothing Stores

448140 - Family Clothing Stores

  • NAICS: North American Industry Classification System

  • SIC: Standard Industrial Classification

Subscription Pricing Models and Inflation Data

Subscription Pricing Models

Fixed/Flat-Rate - one product with a single set of features and a set monthly subscription price.  Example, a subscription to the New York Times for $10 a month. 

Tiered -  Merchants using this model package products and services into several tiers adapted for different groups of customers.  Example, typically three tiers such as Basic, Standard, Premium

Usage-Based / Pay-As-You-Go - Users are charged based on how much of a product or service they consume. Example, a cell phone company has bundles for data packages.

Per-User - Merchants charge customers per number of users they include in the subscription.  X number of users for X dollars.


Inflation - the increase in the prices of goods and services over time. 

  • Rising employee cost
  • Clients may not be able to buy as many products or services
  • Businesses may need to pay higher sums for materials and items may be in short supply
  • More expensive to run your business, so shrink package size while keeping price the same. 

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