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Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons

EDC 115: Exploring Education

Elicit Information

Think about how might I use the keywords/concepts to construct a search?  What type of resources do I need and how many?

  • Identify keywords and concepts.  Think of similar terms.
  • Describe your research topic in a sentence or phrase
  • Start with the basics.  Google it!  Currency Relevancy Accuracy Authority Purpose (CRAAP it out!)

Build an Understanding

Think about where can I find resources?  How might I improve my search results? How might I determine if a resource is available in the library?  How might I request materials that Salem State does not have?

Evaluate, Analyze, Reflect

Think about what is the importance of primary and secondary sources?  What are some of the differences between this and that database?  Why might I use this resource over another?  What angles of my research question have I not considered?