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Salem State University: Faculty Publications 2019

Elizabeth Blood

undefinedLaurier Association. (2019). A history of Saint Joseph’s Parish in Salem, Massachusetts: ​1873-1948 (E. Duclos-Orsello, Ed. & E. Blood, Trans.) French-Canadian Heritage Collection, 1


This volume focuses attention on the centrality of St. Joseph’s parish (the people as well as the structures) in shaping, sustaining and celebrating the spiritual, cultural and linguistic life of French-Canadians and their descendants. Over seven decades, the parish grew in size and import, providing bilingual and classical education in its schools, organizing and launching social organizations, financial institutions and cultural events to assist its members with life in the United States, and offering a rich religious experience that helped generations of French-Canadian families maintain cultural, faith and linguistic connections to their ancestral homes. Written in 1948, on the occasion of the parish’s seventy-fifth anniversary, the authors not only trace the growth and transformation of St. Joseph’s but offer a close accounting of the place of the parish and its parishioners in the civic, economic and ecclesiastical life of the city, the region, the Commonwealth and even the global church.


Turcotte, L. P. (2019). History of the Ile d'Orléans (E. Blood, Trans.) French-Canadian Heritage Collection, 2


Blood, E. (2019, Spring). “Review of normative language policy: Ethics, politics, principles. By Leigh Oakes and Yael Peled.” Québec Studies 67, 177-193.

Michele Dávila Gonçalves

Dávila Gonçalves, M. C. (2019). Leer para sobrevivir: una microbiomitografía de Yanitzia Canetti (Reading to Survive: A Microbiomythography by Yanitzia Canetti). In M. Cuesta and E. Sklodowska (Eds.). Lecturas atentas: Una visita desde la ficción y la crítica a veinte narradoras cubanas contemporáneas (Close Readings: A Visit from Fiction and Scholars to Twenty Contemporary Cuban Female Narrators), (pp. 37-47). Almenara.

Kristine Doll

Doll, K. (2019, Winter/Spring). Robin: An authentic light. In P. Thabit Jones (Ed.) [Special Issue–Robin Mets] (pp. 36-37). The Seventh Quarry Poetry.


Doll, K. (2019). Horse. In S. Barkan and J. Digby (Eds), Horse Poems. Cross-Cultural      Communications.


Doll, K. (2019). Aeronwy Thomas. In P. Thabit Jones America, Aeronwy and Me. A Dylan Thomas Tribute Tour (pp. 60-65). Cross-Cultural Communications: The Seventh Quarry Press.


Doll, K. (2019). The Light of Ordinary Days. The Seventh Quarry Press.


Bover, A. (2019, September). Terres de Llicorella (K. Doll, Trans.) In Yew Leong, Lee (Ed.), Asymptote International Journal of Literature


Fantima Serra

Serra, F. (2019) Susana Martín Gijón y Dolores Redondo: identidades colectivas en formación de la novela española (Susana Martín Gijón and Dolores Redondo: Cooperative Identities in Progress). In A. Martín Escribá and J. Sánchez Zapatero (Eds.), Género Negro Sin  Límites (Noir Genre Without Limits), 131-138. A Coruña: Andavira.