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Zines: Making Zines



Need some help putting your zine together? 

If you are creating your zine by hand (old school cut and paste) please view the whole presentation including the video at the end as I walk you through how to layout your pages for photocopying.

If you are creating your zine digitally, you can skip the part pertaining to putting your pages together.

Check out this presentation:

Zine Construction 101 by dawnstahura


If you are creating your zine by hand, here is a zine template for you to use. Simply cut out the two squares and glue/tape your content directly onto the squares. Each square equals one zine page.

For help with layout, refer back to the Zine Construction 101 presentation and video above.


If you are creating your zine digitally, Canva is a great resource that is free and super easy to use.


Simply create an account and choose a template from the 'magazine' selections.



Everything is customizable - from the fonts, images, and overall layout. Feel free to get creative and make the template your own.



You can also share your template with other folx so if you are creating a group zine, you can all edit the template from wherever you are.



You can share your zine with anyone by sharing the link! Folx do not need to sign in to view your zine.

Take a look at a zine I created on Canva.


A mini-zine is made out of a single 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. This size is perfect for handing out at shows, protests, and meetings.

A quarter-size zine is made by cutting an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper in half. You then use those halves, fold them, and make a zine.


A digest-size zine is the most popular format. You simply take an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and fold it in half.

When putting together your zine, remember the photocopier will impose a 1/2 margin. Make sure that none of your content will be cut off in the 1/2 margin. Here is a template I created that will help with this. Simply print it out, cut out the templates and start creating! Create on one side of the template only and when finished, tape this page down to a blank sheet of paper. 

Quick Steps to Zine Assembly

Assembling the Zine

  • Count the number of content pages you’ve made, including the cover, and round up to the next even number

  • Take half that number of blank sheets, and stack them one on top of another
  • Fold the pile of blank sheets in half horizontally to make a book
  • Staple the sheets together along the fold in the center (three is enough). Place stapes vertically with the smooth side on the outside of the book

  • Number the pages
  • Tape content pages to numbered pages of the book in the order you want them to appear


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