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Wikipedia Editing: Sandbox

SANDBOX - Draft edits of your article


Use your SANDBOX to:

·         Experiment with wiki markup

·         Make practice edits

·         Take notes and collect material

·         Draft an article (or changes/additions to an existing article) that can later be moved into Wikipedia

Lead Section of your article

Lead section is at the begining of the Wikipedia article. It summarizes the key points covered in an article. Note that the lead section is without a header.

Parts of a Wikipedia Article

(Remember from previous page) Become familiar with the expected make-up of a Wikipedia article.

Remember to...




Along with citing within the text of your article, you will want to make sure those References show up properly at the end of the article.

If the article did not have any visible references before you started, check to make sure that there is a "References" section towards the end of the article. If not, add the following to the end of the article (See Inserting a reference, below):


When your edit is saved, the text of citations within the body of the article will automatically appear in the References section.

Wiki Markup


WIKI MARKUP formats your sandbox/article content so it displays well  


EXAMPLE 1: a single empty line should come between two paragraphs



Markup Renders as
== Section == 
=== Subsection === 
==== Sub-subsection ==== 


Displays as:

screenshot showing how sections and subsections display



EXAMPLE 3:  capitalization

screenshot showing how capitalization displays