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Wikipedia Editing: Editing and Talk

When you will be needing EDITING and TALK

You will be EDITING when you move the final drafts of your info from your sandbox into your article.  You will make multiple edits in order to have your new sections/subsections appear in the article in a logical placement so the article is organized and flows well. 

Each time you make a change in the EDIT view of the Wikipedia entry you are editing you will need to provide an EDIT SUMMARY using the box provided.


You may use TALK pages to communicate your reasons for changes to the article and your involvement in an edit-athon.  You will do this at the time you move your new sections out of your sandbox into the article.

Talk Pages Tutorial

Talk pages are a good place to introduce your plans to improve that article.  

To add a message, click the "New Section" button at the top of the page.

Make sure to add your comments to the bottom of the Talk page, and to give your message a title.  

Remember to use Wikicode and REMEMBER!  Use (~~~~) at the end of any talk message and it will automatically sign and date your message.