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EEC 304: Integrated Methods Early Childhood Education: How do I find articles?

Need to find scholarly articles?

Do you need to find scholarly (or peer-reviewed) sources for your assignment? That means that you need to find an article that was published in a peer-reviewed journal.

You've come to the right place! The boxes below will tell you what they are and how to identify them. This page lists information on how to search databases for education courses at  Salem State Library. When you access a database or article/journal title from off-campus, you will be prompted to enter a username and password.  Your username and password are the same as those used for SSU email and Navigator.  Go to A-Z Database List for a full list of library databases. 

Information Literacy Video Tutorials - Created by Research and Instruction Librarian, Cathy Fahey

Journals for Literacy

Search the following journals for articles for your topics (dramatic play, read aloud, phonemic awareness, prewriting skills). On campus, no log in required. Off campus access log in  with your SSU username and password: 

Is my article scholarly?

Scholarly articles (also known as peer-reviewed or academic articles) are written by researchers and are reviewed by other experts before being accepted for publication. You can use a library database to locate journal articles.

Are you wondering if the article you found is scholarly? Ask yourself these questions:

checkmarkIs this an article that was published in a journal? (Hint: Look near the bottom or top of the page for a journal name, volume number, issue number, year and page numbers.)

checkmarkDoes the article tell you where the author works (and maybe their contact details)? (Hint: Look for footnotes by the author's name.)

checkmarkIs there an abstract at the beginning of the article? (A summary of the article, written by the authors.)

checkmarkDoes the article end with a bibliography or list of works cited? (There could also be extensive footnotes.)

checkmarkIs the language in the article more technical than a typical magazine or newspaper?

checkmarkDoes the article's formatting look really boring? (No advertisements or glossy color pictures.)

If you answered YES to most of these questions, the article you're looking at is probably scholarly!

SSU Library Discovery Search

Search Academic Search Premier Database

How to do a basic search in Academic Search Premier at Salem State University Library.



Creating an Advanced Search on EBSCOhost


Go to Salem State University Library home page

Scroll down to databases and select browse alphabetical list 

Select the letter E and click on EBSCO

Do an advanced EBSCOhost search

Information Literacy Videos & Tutorials: SSU Library Videos

Scholarly vs. Popular

Video created by Peabody Library at Vanderbilt University


Can't access full-text articles?

If you find an article that is not available full-text through Salem State univeristy library, request it through Inter-Library Loan department.
You just need to fill in an easy online form and the librarians will do the work for you.
Enter '0' in the payment field.
The item will generally get to you within a few days - books will need to be collected at the Library Help Desk and articles will normally be e-mailed to you as a PDF.