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CRJ 400 - Criminal Justice Research Methods

Professor Robinson Fall 2023


  • If you would like to use an automated citation generator, EndNote Online Classic is the most efficient. 
  • Unlike EasyBib or Citation Machine, it does not have a cluttered interface. 
    • EndNote does not require you to wait through tedious advertisements to view your formatted reference list.
  • The following example shows what to do with citations once they have been imported into EndNote.

Step One: Set Up An EndNote Account

Go to the EndNote web site:


Register and Log in:

Step Two: Create a Group to Organize Your Citations

Once you log in, you will see your "References":


Step Two:

Create a new group "Recividism."

Click the tab "Organize" and select "Manage My Groups" in the drop down:

  • Click on "Organize" and "Manage My Groups" 

Click "Create New Group":

Step Three: Move the citations you want to move to the Recividism group.

  • In this example, we will move our citations to the "Recividism" group.
  • Click the "Recividism" group name and click "GO."


Step Four: View Your New Group

Making a Bibliography of our Recividism Citations in APA Format


Go to "Format" in the ribbon above your references.

  • Click "Bibliography."

Enter data in the drop down boxes that open.

  • Select the references you would like included in the bibliography. In our example, we are working with the entire "Recividism" file.
  • Select "APA" format.
  • Because we are using the free EndNote application, APA 7 is not available. 
  • Select either "text" or "rich text format" for the bibliography output. Both of these will open in Word or other document processing programs.
  • When you are done, click "Save," "Email," or "Preview."

This is what "Save" produces: