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Music Seminar: Articles


Music Specific
Library Search on the Library web page. 
Music Index Online

Other Resources
Google Scholar
JSTOR (older materials)

Boston Public Library
Boston Public Library Electronic Resources: Music 
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So many music resources from the BPL - well worth signing up for an ecard.

Library How to Search Videos and Citation Management

Librarians have made videos to help you learn about searching or using our resources. See:

Research Guide - Library Videos

General Guide
Overview of citation managers

Search Tips

Use these tips and tricks to refine your search.

1. Searching for a phrase

Use quotation marks:.

"Philip Glass"

"Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart"

2. Truncation

To search the beginning of a word and all of the word variations that follow it. 
The symbol is usually an asterisk (*), or a question mark.

Use: compo*
to search:

3. Boolean operators

Use AND to connect two distinct ideas. Connecting additional terms with AND will narrow your results.

("new england") AND Ives

Use OR to add in variant expressions of one of those ideas. Connecting additional terms with OR will expand your results.

(Mozart OR "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart")

Use NOT to exclude a term, especially if it is occuring because it happens to have an overlap with one of your terms. 

("concerto" NOT "sonata")

There are other ways to limit or refine your search. Database help guides are useful as are librarians!