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The Research Process: Presentation tools

Presentation Tools

There are a variety of presentation tools out there, here are some recommendations and tips:


Create presentation slides in Google Slides. 

PowerPoint and Canva are other recommended presentation tools.

Great free templates are available here:

Refer to your assignment guidelines for what needs to be included.

Remember to cite! 

Getting Started with Google Slides





You can create a video, or a video with voiceover added to slides, using Screencast-O-Matic (set up free account) or Apple users may want to use iMovie.  A shareable link or a MOV file or a MP4 file format are usually the best outputs to turn it in - check with your instructor.

Create your script.  If narrating over slides, you should not just be reading info off your slides - your narration should add to that.

Some built in computer microphones will be strong enough.  Earbuds/headphones with microphone capability can also be used as a microphone. 


Here are what outputs you can find in Screencast-O-Matic:


  Upload your video, click on the paper clip

Options then come up for downloading an MP4 and an embed code