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Healthcare Studies 1: FYHC 100 - Dogs


Stevie Nicks

Parents: Dawn 

Activities: Stevie is a rescue dog from All Dogs Rescue. Dawn adopted her after reading that she was found abandoned on the side of the road. Stevie is an extremely nervous dog who has many evolving triggers. She loves her mama very much and really only feels safe when Dawn is around. If Dawn is not home, Stevie will hide under the couch. Stevie loves chicken treats, peanut butter, and vanilla ice cream. Dawn relies on Stevie for emotional support. When Dawn was grieving over the loss of her niece, Stevie listened without judgement and was always down for naps and binge-watching Netflix.


Nancy Sinatra

Parent: Kate

Activities: Kate adopted Nancy from the Blue Cross Rescue Centre in Ipswich, UK. Nancy was thrown out of a moving car and as a result had to have one of her legs amputated. But this doesn't stop Nancy from being a happy, playful Chihuahua! Nancy loves the beach, rolling around in grass, and chasing balls along the shoreline. Kate was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia after a long battle with her doctors, who believed Kate's symptoms were all in her head. Kate's fibromyalgia makes it incredibly hard for her to work as a seamstress as her hands cramp up but Nancy is always there to provide support and keen fashion advice.



Parents: Barbie and Kyle

Activities: Oakley is a German short-hair pointer who is 14-weeks old. She has a ton of energy and loves to jump, chase, lick, and bark! Oakley has no sense of an 'indoor voice.' Kyle is in special forces and has served 3 active tours oversees including the Iraqi War. As a result he suffers from extreme PTSD and sometimes wakes up during the night from horrible nightmares. Barbie has alopecia areata and as a result she gets incredibly anxious when having to go out in public. Oakley provides not only friendship but a non-judgmental element to their lives. Oakley isn't phased if Barbie is not wearing her wig or Kyle is suffering from depression. She just wants to play and give snuggles.


Take a look at each dog's profile and select one you want to work with.

  • After reading the brief introduction to the dog you chose, what do you want to know more about? What aspect of the canine/pet parent relationship seems interesting to you?
  •  Develop a research question around this. Decide where you will search for information. You can use CINAHL, Google Scholar, etc. What keywords will you use?

  • Find the following: 
    • Background information on your topic
    • One scholarly article