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Welcome to the Massachusetts School Library Study resource portal! 

The material gathered here is to provide advocacy material for schools and stakeholders

interested in promoting equitable access for children to the resources, instruction,

and literacy available through the school library by licensed school library teachers.

Thank you to Salem State University for hosting this important work.


Roles of the School Librarian

Roles of the School Librarian: Empowering Student Learning and Success

New York State Library, the Northeast Comprehensive Center/RMC Research Corporation, and the New York State Education Department released Roles of the School Librarian: Empowering Student Learning and Success on November 12. The report is a compilation of research studies detailing how the school librarian’s contributions are consistently shown to be of positive value to students, teachers, and the wider school community. Its methodology explores the five roles of the school librarian recognized and defined by the American Association of School Libraries: teacher, leader, instructional partner, information specialist, and program administrator (2019).

DESE Presentation