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Crisis in Public Higher Ed Teach-In

In support of the Crisis in Public Higher Ed Teach-In, April 16-April 22, 2019


This guide showcases library resources that support the Crisis in Public Higher Ed Teach-In happening at Salem State University April 16-22, 2019.

From the Archives

Catalogue of the Instructors and Students In The State Normal School At Salem: For the Term Ending February, 1856.


To those who enter as above, no charge is made, except that they pay a fee of $1.50 at the beginning of each term for the use of books. Persons who intend to teach in other States or in Private Schools may be admitted on paying a reasonable tuition fee.

Board may be obtained in respectable families in the city at $2.50 to $3.00 per week, washing and lights not included. Very little other expenses need be incurred, as all the reference books, and very nearly all the text-books are furnished by the State.

This institution, in common with others throughout the State, is entitled to draw from the State Treasury $1000 per annum, to be expended in aiding such deserving young ladies as find the expense of attending the School burdensome. Each applicant for aid, who boards in the city, may receive from this fund $1.50 per week, after the first thirteen weeks of her attendance. Others for the same time, will receive smaller sums, varying with the distance they are obliged to travel to reach the School. These rates, however, must be reduced whenever the number of applicants is so large as to require it. But this, as yet, is far from being the case.