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Physics: E-textbooks


As Salem State University moves all its courses online, VitalSource is providing free e-textbooks to students through May 25, 2020. You will be able to borrow up to 7 e-textbooks. While not every textbook or lab manual will be available (as it depends on the publisher) this is a list of e-textbooks currently used in SSU physicscourses that you can borrow through VitalSource.

How do I access VitalSource Helps content?

To get started, visit Before you begin searching for and reading course materials, you will need to log in to an existing Bookshelf account with your institution-provided email address or create a new account. 

Can I download ebooks for offline use?

Yes! To access ebooks offline, download the Bookshelf app on your computer or mobile device. The Bookshelf app is available free on all major app stores. Learn more about the Bookshelf app here

Can I print my books?

In most cases, yes. However, printing restrictions are set by each publisher.

Is the Bookshelf platform accessible?

Yes. We take accessibility seriously. You can find our VPATs here, and relevant support articles here. We ensure all materials meet a minimum standard of accessibility, and the Bookshelf platform supports even more accessibility features, but publishers determine enhanced accessibility for their own content. 

How do I return a book?

Once you borrow a book you cannot return it however, if you borrowed it by mistake you can contact VitalSource support.

Tell them the book you borrowed by mistake.

Give them your account email and your full name


PHS 222: General Physics 11 with Calculus 

  • Fundamentals of Physics