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Activism 101



RAW is a youth arts organization, rooted in art therapy. At its core, RAW believes that all kids should be seen and heard and that everyone has a story to tell. Located in Lynn, Massachusetts, RAW offers a variety of free programming from painting to filmmaking, for kids ages 7-19. RAW uses art to ask kids “what is really going on” in their lives, giving them the tools to create in unexpected ways, and envision new possibilities for their future.


We are passionate about using the creative process to build connections. We believe that the power of art making allows individuals to feel more connected to themselves, to others and to their community.


Beyond Walls is a non-profit placemaking agency that uses a creative lens to address community needs. We introduce public art and curated experiences into the fabric of our communities by partnering with local organizations, municipalities, community members and experts to design, produce and manage projects and programs. These activities are executed to enhance the physical landscape, drive positive economic change and bolster community engagement.



We believe public art can be a tool to help integrate neighborhoods and create more resilient communities. In addition to our efforts to beautify public areas through our different programs, North Shore CDC is the founder of the Punto Urban Art Museum. This is a mission-driven social justice art program with the goal of breaking down invisible socio-economic barriers.