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Activism 101





The zine collection is located on the main floor of the library in the periodicals section. The zines do not circulate but you can read all the zines you want while hanging out in the library. There are a variety of subjects to discover as well as zines written by current SSU students. 

To find out more information about each zine in our collection, click on this link to view the zine catalog.   

Some of the student zines created at SSU are now digitized and part of the Digital Commons. Click this link to view them.

All of these books are available for checkout here at SSU or through Noble.

Universities, non-profits, and businesses regularly run big-budget “orientations,” to try to acclimate us to be eager cogs in the machinery of empire. Amazon shoved anti-union propaganda down workers’ throats in Bessemer, Alabama to stave off a unionization drive – putting posters in bathroom stalls and paying temp workers to walk around wearing “Vote No” t-shirts.

We can’t counter this assault only with tweets and TikTok videos, which often leave us more isolated than before. We urgently need ways to share new readings of the world and visions for the future. That’s where “Disorientation” zines come in!

How to make a disorientation zine


Here are a few examples from colleges and universities:

Zine distros (distribution) are places that carry zines for purchase. If you have created a zine and want to have it available for others to buy, you can contact any of these distros to see if they are interested in adding your zine(s) to their website.

Want to make zine friends? Share your zine with others? Check out the following sites.