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Microfilm Reader/Printer Cheat Sheet for Salem State University : For Library Staff

How to use the microfilm reader/printer.

How old school do you want to go?

This machine and its printer were rescued from the original library, after the building was condemned.  They moved with us when we were in the Interim Library space and were used in the Weir storage building for making hard copies of the SSU micorform collection as needed, usually to be sent out through Interlibrary Loan, or for students / Faculty who were not allowed in the building. While we were in the Interim Library, we purchased the newer microfilm reader that is networked and works with Capture Perfect software. 

What about that other microfilm machine?

Here is the ye olde microfilm reader / printer that was used by our students in the original library. Students clutching hand fulls of dimes, or desperately looking for change.

This microfilm reader is identical in use to our newer reader.  The lenses and settings are interchangeable. 

The printer is dedicated to this microfilm reader only.

The coin box attached to the right side of the microfilm reader is still operational.  It takes dimes only and will not give change.

The coin box can be "turned off" by using the bypass key. 

This set is not networked in any way, it is purely read, and print onto paper. 

The reader and the printer must be turned on individually.

Codes you may encounter

This machine will alert you via "L" codes when something is wrong. 

L 1:  Printer is out of paper, or paper drawer is not completely closed.

L 7:  Need to use dimes or the bypass key to print.

L 8:  Add more money, not enough to continue printing.

L 9:  Printer is off.


There are two keys for this machine.  Traditionally, the bypass key was used by Faculty / Staff to scan and print articles.  In the same way that we have the Faculty printer and copier cards now. 

The strange round one that is labeled microfilm is the "bypass" key to the coin op unit.  Insert the key into the top lock and turn it until you see a green light.  You can now print without using dimes.

The small, regular key labelled with a $ is to empty the coin box. 

These keys are in the Circulation key drawer / file cabinet, on an orange SSU lanyard.

Misc. Supplies

There is a box of extra lenses for both microfilm machines in ILL.  There are several duplicate lenses.  When the old library closed, and we realized that we would only be taking one machine with us, we raided as many machines as we could and stripped them for spare parts. 

There is a very old box of toner for the dedicated mircofilm printer in ILL.