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Microfilm Reader/Printer Cheat Sheet for Salem State University : Lenses

How to use the microfilm reader/printer.

Do I have the correct lens?

Am I using the correct lens?  There is a lens to use for microFILM and microFICHE, and a separate lens specifically for ULTRAFICHE.


The lens that will be used most commonly is the microfilm and microfiche lens.

Switching lenses

Switching lenses:

To view ultrafiche you will need to switch lenses.  Make sure the glass is in lowered / closed position, and gently grab the plastic tab in front of the lens and pull it towards yourself. To insert a lens, grab it by the plastic tab and gently feed it into the lens holder by pushing it gently away from yourself.



Ultrafiche lens

The ultrafiche lens is stored in a labeled box. 

Ultrafiche lens quirks

The ultrafiche lens has a "spacer" that is not attached to the body of the lens.  This ring "floats" underneath the lens while it is in use.  Simply slot it onto the bottom of the lens and it will be held in place when you slide it into the machine. 

More Ultrafiche lens quirks

Additional quirks have been labeled on the ultrafiche lens.  The "sweet spot" for focusing an image from ultrafiche is very narrow.  This means you will need to use very small movements when focusing the image.  It is easy to miss the spot and end up with a blurry image.  This will seem a bit fiddly at first, but it will get easier.  The ultrafiche lens also lacks the ring that allows for expanding or contracting the image for size. See the tab above for Using Capture Perfect Software for detailed information on lenses and imaging. 

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