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Microfilm Reader/Printer Cheat Sheet for Salem State University : Saving, Printing, Emailing

How to use the microfilm reader/printer.



When you opened the Capture Perfect software to begin scanning you could have opted to save your work to a flash drive, or to the desktop.  We highly recommend saving to a flash drive.  In the event that the computer crashes and you need to restart, none of your previous work will be saved on the desktop.  If saving to the desktop is your only option, stop after every article, or if you are scanning a long article, divide your article into parts to save and then email them to yourself as attachments.



The desktop used with the microfilm reader is networked to the Go Print system which is also connected to all public computers in the Library.  The Go Print station is located on the end of the Circulation Desk on the First Floor.  You will notice on the bottom left corner of this monitor the number 60762 microfilm.  This is the name your print job will have upstairs at the Go Print station if you are opting to send your document to be printed.  You will need your ClipperCard with printing funds available to print out a hard copy of your document.  Every semester, every student has $5.00 of printing funds automatically  deposited to their ClipperCard. Find your job(s) at the Go Print station and follow the prompts to print.



The desktop used with the microfilm reader is connected to the Internet.  You can pull up whatever email provider you use, or pull up the SSU homepage and scroll to the very bottom of the page on the lower right and click on the option for Campus Email.  This will allow you to sign into your SSU email.  Prepare to send an email to yourself and attach the scans that you have saved either from your flash drive, or from the desktop.  Alternatively, you can simply take your flash drive away with you to print from, or reference later.