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IDS 461: Seminar in American Studies (Duclos-Orsello): Reference Sources

Ethnic Studies Sources

Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups  Ref. E 184 .A1 H35

Encyclopedia of Multiculturalism  Ref. E 184 .A1 E58 1994

Encyclopedia of Race & Racism  Ref. E 184. A1 E584 2008

African-American Culture and History  Ref. E 185 .E54 1996

Harvard Guide to African-American History  Ref. 185 .H326 2001

Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos & Latinas in the United States  Ref. E 184 .S75 O97 2005

Encyclopedia of Japanese American History  Ref. E 184 .J3 E53 2001

Encyclopedia of the Irish in America  Ref. E 184 .I6 E53 1999

The Italian American Experience : an  encyclopedia  Ref. 184 .I8 I673 2000 




Film and Theater Sources

New York Times Film Reviews, 1913-2000  Ref. PN 1995 .N4

New York Times Theater Reviews, 1920-2000  Ref. PN 1581 .N4


Language & Literature Sources

Dictionary of Literary Biography   Ref. PS 128 .D5

American Writers : a collection of literary biographies  Ref. PS 129 .A55

Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature  Ref. PS 21 .E537 2004

American History Through Literature, 1820-1870  Ref. PS 217 .H57 A84 2006

American History Through Literature, 1870-1920  Ref. PS 217 .H57 A843 2006



History Sources

American National Biography   Ref. CT 103 .H57 1994  5 volumes

Handbook of North American Indians  Ref. E 77 .H25  15 volumes

American Decades : 1900-1999   Ref. E 169.12 A419  10 volumes

Dictionary of American History  Ref. E 174 .A43 1976  7 volumes

Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies  Ref. E45 .E53 1993  3 volumes

Colonial America : an encyclopedia of social, political, cultural and economic history  Ref. E 162 .C68 2006  5 volumes

Encyclopedia of the United States in the Nineteenth Century  Ref. 169.1 E626 2001  3 volumes

Encyclopedia of American History   Ref. E 174 .E53 2003  11 volumes

Encyclopedia of American Political History  Ref. E 183 .E53 1984  3 volumes

Conspiracy Theories in American History : an encyclopedia  Ref. E 179 .C66 2003

Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War  Ref. DS 557 .E53 1998  3 volumes

Homefront Encyclopedia  Ref. D 570 .H54 2007  3 volumes

Encyclopedia of the American Civil War  : a political, social and military history   Ref. E 468 .H47 2000  5 volumes


Music Sources

African American Music Reference

New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians   Ref. ML 100 .N48

Contemporary Musicians  Ref. ML 385 .C61

Encyclopedia of Popular Music  Ref. ML102 .P66 G84 2006

American Song : the complete muscical theater companion   Ref. ML 128 .M78 B6 1985

Chronology of American Musical Theater   Ref. ML 1711.8 .N3 N67 2002

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Rock History   Ref. ML 3534 .G754 2006

Art Sources

Encyclopedia of American Folk Art  Ref. NK 805 .E6 2004

Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance  Ref. NX 512.3 .A35 E53 2004

Encyclopedia of American Studies

"Published by Johns Hopkins University Press for the American Studies Association (ASA), the Encyclopedia of American Studies covers the history, philosophy, arts, and cultures of the United States in relation to the world, from pre-colonial days to the present, from various perspectives and the global American Studies movement. With over 800 online, searchable articles and accompanying bibliographies, related websites, illustrations, and supplemental material, the Encyclopedia of American Studies is the leading reference work for American Studies. Access to content on this site is open to the public and is subject to copyright protection."