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SOC 318: Women, Globalization, & Development (Ould): Internet & Statistical Resources

Criteria for Evaluating Websites


To determine the quality of information on a website check the following:


Authority – Who is responsible for the content of the page?  What are the individual or organization’s goals and purpose?  Is there contact info?  What’s the domain?


Accuracy – Are the sources for any factual information clearly cited?  Is the information free of errors that would indicate a lack of quality control or produce inaccuracies in the information?


Objectivity – Is there bias?  Who’s the intended audience?  Is advertising playing a role?


Currency – Date published?  Date last revised?  Out-dated info?  Out-dated links?


Coverage – Page still under construction?  Does it address intended topics or has something significant been left out?  Is there a fee to get to some of the information?  Is the info well supported and cited?

Google Tools!

Use Google Advanced Search to search within a specific site or domain in order to better filter your Google results. Especially good for searching DATA/STATISTICS!!

Google Advanced Search

Enter text or an entire Webpage URL.  Choose the language it is in and then choose what language you need it translated into.

Google Translate

Google Scholar Search

Setting Up Google Scholar Preferences

For a video tutorial CLICK HERE

For step-by-step directions in print see DOC below

Library Data Sources Recommended by Prof. Ould

UN Women News Feed

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Pew Research - Gender News Feed

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Relevant Websites


A list of suggested Websites from Prof. Ould

Statistics - International

CIA World Factbook Provides info on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues for 267 world entities.

eurostat  Statistics made available by the European Commission.

OECD Data  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development economic, environmental and social statistics.

UN Data An interface for searching several of the United Nations' free databases.

UN Statistics Division  Global statistical information provided by the United Nations.

World Bank Gender  Stats, briefs, projects and research from the World Bank related to gender and such topics as: poverty, sustainability, labor force participation, entrepreneurship and justice, etc.

WHO Women and Health Global Data Data and statistics from the World Health Organization.

WTO Statistics Database  Search statisical information provided by the World Trade Organization on trade profiles, tariff profiles, and international trade. 

UN Human Development Reports - a new approach to advancing well-being.