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Grant Writing Resources in the Social Sciences

A guide to resources for grant writing in the social sciences.


This online guide is designed to supplement the information and resources offered to you by Salem State University's Research Administration.

Print Resources

See this list of books on grants and grant writing available at the SSU Library and try these two reference sources on grants...

Massachusetts Grants

Use Google Advanced Search to search Mass.Gov or link to Mass.Gov's homepage below.  Listed here are a sampling of individual state agencies offering grant information.

Additional Online Resources

Possible additional resources assisting with finding grant funding and with grant writing. 

Boston Public Library Foundation Center Access

Visit the BPL Social Sciences Department to access numerous print resources from the Foundation center as well as the Foundation Directory Online Professional and Foundation Grants to Individuals Online.

Funding from the Federal Government

The federal government is a major source for those seeking grant funding.  Check out the Catalog and sites listed here, as well as individual agencies relevant to your cause (a sampling are listed below).  

Searching for Grants & Statistics

Retrieved from:

Try Google advanced search using your search terms in the first search box and .gov in the "site or domain" limiter box.

Google Advanced Search

State/Local Statistics

Boston Redevelopment Authority Research and Publications  Provided by the RDA, research and publications on such topics as the 2000 census, housing, foreign-born in Boston, labor market, etc.

Massachusetts Commonwealth Community Reports  Find information relating to Massachusetts cities and towns.

Mass Benchmarks  Massachusetts State Data Center.  A program of the UMass Donahue Institute's Economic and Public Policy Research Unit.  Part of the state data center program established by the U.S. Census Bureau.

MA School and District Profiles Data and profile info from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Educaation.  Search for statistics via the website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Quick Facts from the US Census Bureau  Click this link to get quick facts from the US Census on MA.  You can also search a specific city/town in MA for statistics specific to their population.  Once you have done this find "Want more?" and click on the link that allows you to browse even more detailed data on your chosen city/town.


Statistics from the Federal Government

Finding data to support your cause...

You can search a relevant database for your topic and use terms like "statistics" or "data" or "quantitive analysis" to focus your results to obtain journal articles with stats.  Some databases even have specific ways to find stats or data - database help menus should tell you how.  Link to the library's databases

Some data can also be found online.  Ask yourself the question who would collect this data? 

Government agencies collect data in order to make decisions on policy.  Most is made available for free on the internet.  Here is a sample of statistical resources from the Federal Government.  Statistics offered by state and local governments could also be worth pursuing.

Social Science Funding Links Compiled by Michigan State University Library

Get ideas for other sources of grants through this guide by Michigan State University Library.  

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