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Research Strategies: Reading Citation

Reading Citation

Reading Citations

A citation describes a source by presenting information about that source (book, article, web page, etc.) in a standard format.

A citation tells:

  • What was written - title
  • Who wrote it - author and/or editor
  • When - date of book, article or web page
  • Where it was published and by whom - publisher and city; journal name; host of web page

Common citations are to journal articlesbooks, and book chapters.


Article Citation

Citations to journal or magazine articles will include some of the following:

  • author
  • article title
  • journal or magazine title
  • volume number of the journal or magazine
  • date of publication

article citation

Book Citation

Citations to books will include the following:

  • Author or editor of the book
  • Title of Book
  • Publisher and city of publication
  • Date of Publication

book citation

Book Chapter Citation

Citations to book chapters will also include the title, author, and pages of the chapter.

book chapter citation

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