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ACT UP - Evaluation Method


There is a lot of misinformation circulating around Covid-19. While it might seem harmless, some of the misinformation can literally kill someone. Knowing where to go for accurate and reliable information around the pandemic is paramount. Before we share information on social media platforms and/or with our loved ones, we have to make sure the information is true. This has never been more critical. 



Finding scientific papers and scholarly articles may be easy but reading and comprehending them often is not. You are not alone in wading through jargon that only confuses you more but that shouldn't stop you from reading them. Download the article below to learn more about how to read scientific research.


The following sites published trusted information. If you have questions about Covid-19, these are your best bets for accurate information.


Did you see a social media post that inhaling hot air from a blow dryer can prevent Covid-19? Want to know if it is true (it isn't)? These sites not only fact-check but debunk myths and dangerous misinformation that is circling around the pandemic.